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Aquarium Engineering

The Highest quality aquarium engineering.

The Highest quality aquarium engineering.


A few of the aquarium products we sell here at Aquarium Engineering...

Welcome to the Aquarium Engineering official website. Here you will find several useful and informative resources that will help you design, engineer, and construct your high volume, high quality aquarium. Salt water aquariums require a focused and intense attention to detail not only to construct, but also to maintain. Our products are built to last a life time so that you can have peace of mind behind your aquarium and its systems. From skimmers to calcium reactors, our entire family of aquarium filtration products will help your aquarium maintain a balanced environment.

Calcium Reactors

Check out our protein skimmers in action!

Why Choose an Aquarium Control System from Aquarium Engineering?

Are you taking your aquarium system to the next level? Perhaps you are thinking about a concrete aquarium or large acrylic aquarium. You may need special aquarium construction or a heavy-duty steel aquarium stand. You can find everything from materials to complete aquarium control systems when you come to Aquarium Engineering.

Saltwater Aquariums

A saltwater environment is harder to maintain than freshwater. We have aquarium protein skimmer machines on the market to help keep your water clean. Your saltwater aquarium also needs the proper PH, and a quality-made calcium reactor is just what you need. In fact, we offer automatic calcium reactor equipment to make it easier on you.

No Hassle Warranty

You should not have to deal with any hassles when you need to return equipment. Our equipment is made to last a lifetime. We use the highest grade aquarium construction along with built-in engineering for quality. Your large acrylic aquarium or steel aquarium stand should never give you any problems. If you have trouble with our equipment, just send it back to us. We will make repairs or replace it at no charge (except for pumps).

Custom Equipment

If you have special needs, we offer “made to order” aquariums and aquarium control systems. We can create the parts you need to give you a perfect fit.

Call Us Today!

To find out more about the many products and services we have to offer, call 262-960-9517 today. We are here to answer your questions and help you find the best equipment for your fresh or saltwater aquarium.
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