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My favorite video of my tank .

Posted by Bill Wann on Sunday, December 14, 2014

Many people have asked us how Aquarium Engineering, Inc. started. To begin, our background is in the pharmaceutical equipment industry. In the mean time, we have always managed and maintained tanks, most of them large. Along the way, we've bought every brand of skimmer and calcium reactor we could find over the years and have always been disappointed by the quality and the lack of performance, which never seemed to match the claims.

Our founder, Bill Wann, built our first large scale needle wheel skimmer back in 2006 and over the years we have refined the design to what we produce today. All of our items are built to last include a lifetime warranty. It's pretty simple: if you break it, we will repair or replace it at no cost.

We did not start out as a plastic fabricator. We learned to fabricate plastic so we could build our filters and other equipment the way we want to. Here at Aquarium Engineering, we love to build things. Nearly everything we sell is built by hand in our workshop, located in Bristol, Wisconsin, USA. We build our products as if we were to use them on our own tanks and aquariums. The craftsmanship is exactly the way we would want it if we bought it for ourselves.

We build everything to order, so if you need something built with special instructions (height, width) to fit a certain space or, for example, you would like to move an inlet or outlet, we will gladly do that! Special instructions are never a problem and there is no extra charge.

Right now, our largest tank is over 20,000 gallons and we are planning to construct a larger tank very soon. Everything we sell has been tested and and developed on our own tank over the years, so we can ensure your that our products work properly.

For more videos about our tanks and equipment, check out our media page or YouTube channel!