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Calcium Reactors

Most calcium reactors have received a bad reputation over the years for ruining many tanks. This does not have to be the case with a properly designed calcium reactor. Our calcium reactors are up flow units with oversized pumps and are equipped with Co2 recirculation. This ensures that less Co2 ends up in your tank and more stays in the reactor to do the work. All of our calcium reactors are set up to use a Ph controller such as the one we build or any other one on the market. Aquarium Engineering does not sell units with bubble counters because using a bubble counter is counterproductive when you want to run a calcium reactor at peak efficiency.

All of our calcium reactors are made out of clear PVC tubing using 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thick PVC flanges. We do not use acrylic for the body to prevent leaks and cracks. All of our through the wall fittings are threaded so that you can replace a fitting if needed and not have to worry about leaks. Our calcium reactors are built to last a lifetime and our warrant proves that.

Product namesort descending Category Price
10-inch calcium reactor 10" Calcium Reactor Calcium Reactors $1,900.00
4-inch calcium reactor single chamber 4" Calcium Reactor Calcium Reactors $650.00
6-inch calcium reactor single chamber 6" Calcium Reactor Calcium Reactors $875.00
8-inch calcium reactor 8" Calcium Reactor Calcium Reactors $990.00
Automated Calcium Reactor Calcium Reactors $1,350.00