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Protein Skimmers

The protein skimmer is the heart of any system and the single most important piece of equipment on the system. The protein skimmer is responsible for the bulk of waste export from the system. We design and build some of the most effective skimmers in the world. We did not copy other designs like most companies do.

Aquarium Engineering has designed all of our products from scratch and have developed them over several years of testing. There is no other skimmer on the market that works as well as ours does, and uses such little amount of electricity to get the job done. All of our skimmers are designed to be fed directly from the overflow. We build in all sizes ranging from 12 inch to 48 inch diameter with heights ranging up to 9 feet. All of our skimmers are built to order so please call or email for more information if needed.

Aquarium Engineering Protein Skimmers listed below:

Call us for custom products or customization beyond what our skimmers below offer.
Product namesort descending Category Price
12-inch protein skimmer 12" Protein Skimmer Protein Skimmers $3,200.00
12-inch protein skimmer short 12" Protein Skimmer SHORT Protein Skimmers $2,600.00
12-inch protein skimmer tall 12" Protein Skimmer TALL Protein Skimmers $3,500.00
18-inch protein skimmer 18" Protein Skimmer Protein Skimmers $6,500.00
24-inch protein skimmer 24" Protein Skimmer Protein Skimmers $11,300.00